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Comparing: Heavy vs. Light

Is a bicycle heavier or lighter than a taxi cab? Pose a math challenge to your preschooler by asking her to compare objects based on weight.

Long or Short?

This comparison worksheet is just the thing to get your preschooler excited about math.

Comparing: More vs. Less

Help your preschooler tackle object comparisons with this simple worksheet that focuses on volume, or how much something can hold.

Comparing: Narrow vs. Wide

Does your preschooler understand the difference between narrow and wide? Help him wrap his head around the concept of width with this comparison worksheet.

Comparing: Short vs. Tall

Teach your preschooler about object properties by encouraging him to figure out which thing is shorter and which is taller in each pair of objects.

Big or Small?

Does your preschooler love boasting about how big he is? Put his comparison skills to work by challenging him to figure out which object is bigger in each pair.

Bigger or Smaller? Birds

Build early math skills by using this bigger or smaller worksheet with your child. Preschoolers will identify which bird is bigger or smaller in this worksheet.

Bigger or Smaller? Furniture

This worksheet tasks your preschooler with finding bigger and smaller items of furniture. Help your kid build early math skills with this comparison worksheet.

Bigger or Smaller? Sea Creatures

This worksheet shows pairs of big and small sea creatures. Have your child identify the bigger and smaller objects to build foundational math skills.

Bigger or Smaller? Sports Balls

These pairs of sports balls come in big and little sizes. Have your preschooler identify the bigger and smaller object to build early math skills.

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