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Monkey KenKen® Puzzle

Print out this fun KenKen® puzzle for your student! It's a beginner puzzle that uses just addition.

Hot Air Balloon KenKen® Puzzle

This medium KenKen® puzzle will get your student using multiplication and logical thinking skills!

KenKen Puzzle®: Zebra

Your student will need to use his understanding of simple addition facts and a bit of logic to fill in this KenKen® grid.

Owl Addition KenKen® Puzzle

Your students will need to use logical thinking and their knowledge of simple addition facts to solve this KenKen® grid.

Snake KenKen

Your students will need to use simple addition and subtraction facts to decide where each number belongs within this KenKen® puzzle.

Giraffe KenKen® Puzzle

Get ready to play KenKen®! This beginner puzzle requires addition facts and a lot of logic!

KenKen® Puzzle: Tiger

This addition and subtraction KenKen® puzzle is a perfect challenge!

Elephant KenKen® Puzzle

This KenKen® puzzle uses addition and subtraction facts to determine where numbers belong within a grid.

Kangaroo KenKen®

This addition puzzle is perfect for getting your student started with KenKen®!

Coyote KenKen®

This addition puzzle is ready and waiting for your child to solve it!

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