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Reading comprehension

Puppy what happens next?
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Sequencing Activity: Rocky Sings at Sunrise

Put the sentences of the story in sequential order from what happened first to what happened last. Then read the story to learn more about Rocky!

Identifying Cause and Effect

Give your second grader's logical thinking skills and reading comprehension a healthy boost with a lesson in cause and effect.

Sequencing Activity: Flying Jelly

Will Jelly ever fly again? Find out by putting the sentences in sequential order from beginning to end.

Cause & Effect: What's the Cause?

Help your child become a more thoughtful reader and improve his reading comprehension by focusing on cause and effect.

Seqencing Activity: Peanut and Kiki

Put the sentences of the story in order from start to finish by numbering them. Read the story in the correct order when you're finished.

How the Whale Got His Throat: Reading Comprehension

Make reading fun with this whale of a tale, "How the Whale Got His Throat," by Rudyard Kipling!

The Sing Song of Old Man Kangaroo

Read about why kangaroos hop on two legs, in Rudyard Kipling's "The Sing Song of Old Kangaroo." Your kid will answer reading questions and color illustrations.

Reading for Comprehension: Jason and the Game Show

Get your third grader in the habit of reading closely with this multi-page story featuring questions on the main character, sequencing, and recalling details.

Reading for Comprehension: Cause and Effect

This cause and effect worksheet opens your child up to improved critical thinking abilities. Use this cause and effect worksheet to focus on story structure.

All About Adverbs: Writing Sentences #2

Is your child an adverb buff? Let her test her adverb savvy by challenging her to compose her own sentences from scratch using the adverbs listed.

Story Comprehension: What's in a Story?

Story webs organize a story into one main idea and several details. Help your second grader read the story, then analyze it using the story web.

Story Comprehension: What Happens Next?

Kids read a story about a puppy, then finish it by writing what they think will happen next.

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