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Get a Grip on Grammar: Compound Words #13

Can your second grader pick the correct compound words to complete these sentences?

Get a Grip on Grammar: Compound Words #10

Challenge your second grader to add up the picture clues to create his own compound words.

Get a Grip on Grammar: Homophones #15

Help your second grader get a handle on homophones. In particular, this printable explores a sneaky homophone set: they're and their.

Get a Grip on Grammar: Compound Words #11

Want to clear up compound words? Challenge your second grader to decode and add up these images to create brand new, compound words!

Homophone Definition

Can your second grader choose the correct homophone for each sentence? Make sure he double and triple-checks his spelling!

So Many Synonym Snowflakes!

Searching for a worksheet to help your kid with synonyms? This printable will help him with his vocabulary and spelling skills.

Contraction Attraction

On this second grade reading and writing worksheet, kids complete sentences by replacing two words with a matching contraction from the word box.

Word Scramble: Colors!

It's a colorful scramble! Word scramble that is. This brain teaser is a great travel activity.

Word Addition: Compound Words 3

Kids will make compound words out of two smaller words. Make "gold" and "fish" into "goldfish in this fun compound words worksheet.

Get a Grip on Grammar: Homophones #4

If your second grader needs help with homophones, give her this worksheet to motivate some extra practice time.

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