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Compound Words

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Compound Words: Word to Word

On this second grade reading worksheet, kids connect words in the first column to words in the second column to make compound words. Then they write the words.

Word Addition: Compound Words 3

Kids will make compound words out of two smaller words. Make "gold" and "fish" into "goldfish in this fun compound words worksheet.

Word Addition: Compound Words 2

With the help of picture clues, kids will find two words that make a single compound word. Have your child put "sun" and "flower" together in this worksheet.

Word Addition: Compound Words 1

Using a picture as a clue, kids put two words together to make a compound word for each item on this second grade reading worksheet.

Compound Word Puzzle

Work on word-building with this fun activity that doubles as an English exercise.

Compound Word Puzzle 2

Wordsmiths will enjoy this word-building activity that focuses on suffixes. Challenge your child to find a common suffix between three words in this worksheet.

Compound Word Puzzle 3

Do some fun wordplay with this suffix worksheet. Kids will add a suffix to the end of three different words to show that they have a linguistic connection.

Compound Word Game

This word-building worksheet gets your child to see the interesting connections between words. Explore suffixes in this wordplay worksheet.

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