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Connect the Dots: Practicing "P"

Give your child help learning the letter P with this printable connect the dots puzzle.

Find the Letter P: Peter Piper

How many P's appear in Peter Piper's perplexing poem? Kids find and count each letter P in the tongue twister on this kindergarten reading worksheet.

Pumpkin Patch Maze

Going to the pumpkin patch is one of the best parts of the autumn season!

P Is For...

Help your preschooler learn the alphabet and practice letter P sounds all while having fun and coloring!

Pumpkin Maze

This pumpkin maze is fun for kids on Thanksgiving. Try this pumpkin maze to celebrate the fall harvest, autumn, and games!

Pumpkin Drawing

Help your little one learn to draw curved lines with this fall-themed worksheet that boost fine motor skills and prepares kids for letter-writing.

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