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Fish Math

Math isn't just all about numbers! Read these story problems and find the equation hidden in them, and use the picture to help you count up your answers.

Spaceship Math

Blast off with this intergalactic math worksheet! Read each story problem and use the picture to help solve it.

Flower Math

Look at what's blooming in the garden! Use this picture to help your little mathematician solve these word problems.

Math Story Problems

Build great math skills with these story problems. Use the picture to help you visualize each problem.

Easy Story Problems

Challenge your little math star with some subtraction story problems! These easy word problems will giving your child a head start on her math facts.

Simple Story Problems

Go wild for subtraction! These simple story problems are just the ticket for helping your math whiz master subtraction.

Art Store Math

Take a trip to the art store! Can you use your math skills to figure out how much each child spent on art supplies?

At the Grocery Store

Every trip to the grocery store involves math! Help your hungry math whiz get a little food for thought with these story problems.

Flower Shop Math

Take math practice to the flower shop! This bouquet of addition and subtraction word problems will challenge him to approach arithmetic in a different way.

Pet Store Math

There's a big sale at the pet store! How much money do these kids spend? Help your child work through these beginning word problems.

Sport Store Math

Let's do a little shopping for arithmetic! Practice basic math problems in a real-life setting with these word problems.

Music Math

There's a sale at the music shop! Help keep track of inventory by solving these addition and subtraction word problems.

Bakery Math

Little chefs can use their addition and subtraction skills to solve these sweet word problems!

Story Math Problems

Help your child take a more challenging approach to addition and subtraction with these word problems.

Story Math

See how math is used in the real world with these story problems! Test your child's mastery of multi-digit addition and subtraction.

Pizza Math

Help Quinn order the right amount of pizza for his party! Use your knowledge of addition and subtraction to solve each word problem.

Nature Math

Let's go on a math hike! Read each word problem out loud, and figure out the addition or subtraction equation that it represents.

Garden Math

Math skills will bloom with this garden variety worksheet! Count up the items from this month's harvest to hone addition and subtraction skills.

Bake Sale Math

Yum, let's whip up some tasty math problems! These bake sale word problems will satisfy your sweet tooth for math.

Number Stories

Yum, let's work up an appetite for some fruity math practice! Practice multi-digit addition with these word problems.

Addition Word Problems: Add It Up!

Kids use details from the word problems on this third grade math worksheet to construct and solve addition problems with two or three two-digit addends.

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