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The Boston Tea Party Hits Your Home

Kids love learning about the Boston Tea Party. They understand being told what to do without being asked for input. Here are some fun at-home activities.

Road to Independence

Help middle schoolers use maps, math, and history for some Fourth of July fun.

Mayflower Coloring Page

Try this Mayflower coloring page to teach your kids about the Pilgrim settlers. This Mayflower coloring page shows a picture of the historical ship.

The Mayflower Compact: Would You Sign?

Would you sign the Mayflower Compact? Read it and see!

Mayflower Math

When you're studying the Mayflower, numbers can be an important part of the history...and a great chance to practice elementary math!

Name Game: The 13 Original Colonies

Boost your fifth grader's social studies savvy with a lesson on the 13 original colonies.

Candied Rose Petals

Follow this Colonial recipe for candied rose petals, and share the sweets with friends, family or classmates.

Native American Tribes Map

Help your child understand which tribal groups lived where with this Native American Tribes map.

Gloucester Harbor Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts a famous landscape painting of Gloucester Harbor in Massachusetts. Your child will get a mini lesson in art history as he colors!

Colonial Paper Doll: Girl

Give your child a fun paper craft with this beautiful historical paper doll! She'll get a little history lesson about the colonial period as she colors.

Colonial Soldier Paper Doll: 1700s

This paper doll is a soldier from the 1700s, fighting for America's independence. Color him in, and talk with your child about how our country was founded.

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