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Mah Nishtanah

Help your preschooler learn the Four Questions prior to the big night with a homemade book, complete with words and illustrations!

Catch the Sun with "Stained Glass" Eggs

Using brightly colored tissue paper, your kindergartener can make "stained glass" eggs that look almost as glorious as the real thing!

Egg Olympics

If standard relay races and typical scavenger hunts have lost their charm, host the Egg Olympics instead! Get the whole family involved in the competition.

Gold Hunt

This hunt for leprechaun gold is so much fun, kids won't even realize they're working their reading muscles at the same time.

Football Addition

Hey sports fans, here's a fun math worksheet for you! This football-themed worksheet will keep your child entertained as he practices addition facts.

"I Love You" Book

An "I Love You" book is a perfect gift for a very special friend on Valentine's Day. Our "I Love You" book shares the love in eight different languages.

Valentine's Day Around the Globe

Take a break from the teeming card shop shelves this February for a peek into how other cultures celebrate Valentine√Ęs Day.

Valentine Acrostic Poem

Show your little poet how to create a beautiful acrostic poem for someone special this Valentine's Day.

Make a Heart Map

In this activity, your second grader will design her very own heart map to show what she's really made of.

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