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Play a game of "restaurant" to reinforce real-world applications of counting and using money.

Measurement Scavenger Hunt

Give your second grader a chance to get his feet wet with measurement before he moves onto the more complicated stuff by trying this activity with him at home.

Make Money Make "Cents" to Your Second Grader

Make counting coins make "cents" to your second grader while giving her the chance to practice her math skills by playing this fun game with her.

Find the Missing Digit

Okay, identifying place value isn't as fun as eating ice cream, but with a few index cards and a competitive spirit, it can be disguised a game!

Come to Collect

Practice your addition and subtraction in this card game. Disclose is a math activity any first or second grader will love!

Play Pattern Hopscotch!

Creating number patterns with pencil and paper can be dull, but creating hopscotch pattern can bring exciting math learning!

Final Count Down

Practice subtraction with your second grader in this fun dice game. Math concepts have never been more fun!

Play Terrific Tens Go Fish!

Make practicing addition facts more fun and teach your child some helpful strategies with this spin off of the traditional "Go Fish" game.

Create a Family Graph!

Create a graph based on the interests of family member's to see who has what in common. Your child will practice her math skills and get to know the family!

A Rapid Rounding Game

This kinesthetic game will help your child practice rounding and get the adrenaline rushing!

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