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Character Cubes

Get your kindergartener storytelling in this arts and crafts activity by making Character Cubes that'll help improve your child's reading and writing skills.

Matching Words to Pictures

Boost your first grader's reading skills with a sight words picture match-up! She will practice saying the words out loud and then recognize the written name.

Word Match Game

Better than flash cards, this word match card game boosts kids reading skills with a fun, hands-on approach.

Play Story Ball: A Reading Comprehension Game

Take a beach ball, a marker, and a first grader. What do you get? An outdoor activity that works on reading comprehension, in the midst of a game of catch!

Beginning Bar Graphs: Favorite Cake

This favorite cake bar graph makes reading bar graphs simple for kids to understand.

Weather Graph

Observe and record the weather with your kindergartener with this cute fill-in weather graph.

Different Types of Graphs: Picture and Bar Graphs

Sure to test your kid's graphing skills, this graph worksheet features two different types of graphs and questions to go along with them.

Graph It! What Color is Your Hair?

Your child will use his math know-how in a practical situation with this Graph It! worksheet. Your child will use graphing skills to chart friends' hair colors.

Ice Cream Bar Graph #9

Sam, Kate, and Becky have just had a long day of selling ice cream cones, and they want to know how many were sold. Help them with this pictograph worksheet.

Graph it up! Statistics for the Younger Set

Being introduced to graphs at an early age can help children to understand huge mathematical concepts such as comparing, and analyzing. So how can get started?

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