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rocks and minerals

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Fossil Cookies

With some cookie dough and ordinary household objects, let your kindergartener explore how fossil imprints are made.

All About the Rock Cycle

If you think volcanoes are cool, this worksheet will blow your mind! Learn about the rock cycle by reading the paragraph and taking a multiple choice quiz.

Find the Rocks and Minerals Vocabulary

This word search introduces your child to important rocks and minerals vocabulary, as it strengthens his attention to detail.

Earth Rocks! Quick Quiz

Take a plunge under the surface of the earth! With this worksheet as your guide, you may explore the geological processes of our planet.

Natural Resources: Soil

Can your child think of ways people use soil? Get her excited about Earth science with a lesson on this crucial natural resource.

Where Can We Find Soil, Sand and Dirt?

Read the definitions of soil, sand and dirt then write where you can find each type below the pictures. Nurture your budding geologist!

Natural Resources: Rocks

A natural resource is something that we use that occurs naturally in the environment. Teach your child about the densest and heaviest natural resource: rocks!

Where Else Can We Find Soil, Sand and Dirt?

Read the definitions given for soil, sand and dirt then write down where each element can be found below the pictures.

Mineral Match-Up

Learn some new words and facts about precious minerals with this word-scramble and matching worksheet.

Guess My Rock!

There are hundreds of properties in rocks which you can describe, so get your geology goggles on and get ready to rock your child's science skills.

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