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simple machines

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Simple Machines at Home

Give your budding young observers a chance to discover simple machines at use in their own home.

Penny Launcher

Ready for takeoff! Make science fun and teach about levers and fulcrums as your child sends pennies flying.

Anatomy of a Bicycle

Bikes are a healthy, great way to get from one place to another! Use this bike chart to familiarize yourself with basic bike parts.

Simple Machines

In this science fair project, apply the principles of leverage and force by building six simple machines designed to set weights in motion.

Ready, Aim, Marshmallows!

Science isn't ho hum anymore when it involves building catapults to teach your fifth grader about projectile motion.

Ancient Building Techniques

Help your child get a grasp on what it was like to build gigantic ancient structures with this easy engineering activity about science and physics.

Make a Water Magnifier!

Here's an interesting activity that will enable your child to make his own magnifier out of a drop of water

Play with Pulleys

How do people move pianos and heavy furniture into tall buildings? Show your kids some pulley potential with this simple household exercise!

Wheels and Axles

Engineers in training can get started with this simple wheel-and-axle construction activity.

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