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simple/complex machine experiments

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Lifter: What Is a First-Class Lever, and What Is The Advantage of Using One?

In this free science fair project idea, we use a broom, chair and table to construct a first-class lever, which can move a table.

Eraser: How Do Magnets Affect Recording Tapes?

Learn about the effects of magnets on cassette tapes in this science fair project. Use for free science fair project ideas!

More Muscle: What Part of a Magnet Has The Strongest Attracting Ability?

What part of a magnet has the strongest attracting ability? Find out with this fun science fair project! Use for science fair project ideas!

Up Periscope or Down?

In this project, a model of a submarine is built to simulate the buoyancy and displacement of water and air.

A Single Movable Pulley and Mechanical Advantage

Kids explore how a single movable pulley can confer a mechanical advantage over a fixed pulley in this cool engineering science fair project for 2nd grade.

Ringer: What is a Third-Class Lever, and What is the Advantage of Using One?

Get free science fair project ideas for elementary school children that cover topics based upon machines.

The Single Fixed Pulley System

Kids construct a single fixed pulley system to learn how pulleys can make work easier in this cool physics and engineering science fair project idea.

How to Make Gears

In this science fair project, learn how to make gears and find out why they transmit torques in predictable ways.

Make a Pulley

Learn about this simple machine and make a pulley of your own to use for fun science trials.

Around-n-Around: How is a Wheel and Axle Similar to a Lever?

In this free science fair project idea, we construct a machine that uses and axle and wheel to lift a load.

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