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Mythical Creatures

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Color a Satyr

One thing every culture has in common is a set of folk tales and myths, and this coloring series features mythological creatures from all over the world.

Power Symbol

Enjoy this Chinese dragon coloring page by adding a splash of bright color to this mythical creature!

Color Pegasus

Pegasus is a legendary creatures from Greek mythology: a winged horse that carried many heroes.

Color the Kitsune

This kitsune coloring page shows your kid the legendary fox-like creature from Japanese folklore. Use our kitsune coloring page when learning about folk tales.

Kitsune Coloring Page

This Kitsune coloring page features the mythical fox-like creature, present in Japanese folklore.

Unicorn Myth Coloring Page

Do you know any unicorn mythology? This coloring page features the mythical horned creature prancing in the forest.

Phoenix Coloring Page

This phoenix coloring page depicts the creature from Greek mythology and Western folklore. Try our phoenix coloring page to learn about mythological creatures.

Chinese Dragon Coloring Page

In Chinese culture, the dragon is a symbol of power and good luck. If you color in this Chinese dragon coloring page, maybe you'll find a little good fortune!

Color the Dryads

This dryad coloring page features the mythological tree nymph from Greek mythology. Color this dryad coloring page as part of a lesson about Greek mythology.

Dragon Myth Coloring Page

This coloring page features a mythological dragon. Teach your child about the legendary dragon and cultural folklore with this coloring page.

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