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Rhyme Connection 40

This colorful printable will help your child recognize the sounds made by different letter combinations--a great pre-reading skill!

Rhyme Connection 39

With this fun worksheet, help your preschooler learn the sounds made by particular letter combinations, which lays the groundwork for reading lessons!

Rhyme Connection 38

Provide your second grader with some important pre-reading skills with this fun and colorful rhyming worksheet.

Rhyme Connection 37

This rhyming worksheet will boost your child's pre-reading skills by having him connect similar-sounding words. It's time to rhyme!

Rhyme Connection 36

Increase your preschooler's reading, writing, and spelling skills with this entertaining rhyming worksheet!

Rhyme Connection 33

Your child will find pairs of rhyming words in this preschool worksheet and learn to make connections between pictures, words, and letters. Try all 40!

Rhyme Connection 32

This preschool worksheet will challenge your child to use letters and pictures to identify rhyming words. Then, practice letter recognition with a bonus quiz!

Rhyme Connection 31

Your preschooler will love learning about words with this Rhyme Connection worksheet. She'll use pictures and letters to determine which word rhymes with which!

Rhyme Connection 30

This great pre-reading worksheet will help your preschooler understand how words work, how they're spelled, and what they mean. It's also colorful and fun!

Rhyme Connection 29

Draw a line between the rhyming words! Rhyming is a perfect preschool pre-reading exercise because it reinforces word sounds and spelling patterns.

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