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Play Snowball Hopscotch

Help your preschooler combine a lesson about numbers with a silly, snowy game of hopscotch.

Red Rover, Green Rover

Bring the classic game of "Red Rover" up to date with color and shape recognition skills for your child.

Matching Shapes Game

In this fun game, your child will be challenged to find the right outline of different abstract shapes.

Over and Out! 2 Great Obstacle Courses

When it comes to working kids' muscles, nothing beats an obstacle course! Here are some easy ideas for creating your own course at home.

Beach Ball Volleyball

Make your own volleyball net! This beach ball game is a great activity for kids of all ages to develop coordination and teamwork.

Hopped Up Hide and Seek

This slightly tweaked version of "Hide and Go Seek" hones listening: a key skill for kindergarten.

Home Bowling Alley

This simple preschool bowling game improves eye-hand coordination and visual tracking. All you need are some empty bottles to get started.

Clothespin Drop!

Help your preschooler practice counting, matching, and learning colors with this fun game!

Picture This! An Outdoor Game

This outdoor game will help your child practice observational skills and visual identification while working in some exercise, too!

Color Spy

Enjoy the warm spring weather outside and indulge in a colorful game of I Spy while you're at it! It's just as fun as classic I Spy but twice as educational.

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