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DIY Notepad

With this fun activity, you can help your preschooler make an cute shopping notepad to keep and use or give away as a gift. Here's how:

Rainbow Trout Craft

Drive away rainy day blues by making a paper tropical fish in bright colors, jazzed up with multi-colored confetti.

How to Make a Sketchbook

Help your child create a garden journal sketchbook as she observes and records the natural world around her through the changing seasons.

Chef Hat

Let your preschooler feel like a real chef by helping him create his very own chef's hat!

Mom Card

Forget expensive store bought cards, this handmade card truly delivers--and it helps your preschooler with letter recognition.

Sticky Art

Encourage sensory exploration with this sticky, but not messy, art projectâ no glue or gunk required!

Diploma Frame

Help your preschooler celebrate his big day by crafting a special, sparkly diploma frame to celebrate his achievement!

Preschool Graduation Announcements

Help your preschooler craft her very own announcement to celebrate the special transition to "big kids" school!

Paper Binoculars

Transform paper towel tubes into some great binoculars for imaginary playtime!

Scented Shamrock

This March, try decorating your home with these scented shamrocks--sure to fill your home with Irish spirit.

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