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Make Your Own Sketchbook

Save money and get creative by helping your preschooler create and make her own unique sketchbook to put her art in.

Spaceship Craft

Help your child make an imaginative, inexpensive spaceship from recycled materials. When the spaceship is ready, count backwards from ten and then BLAST-OFF!

Chef Hat

Let your preschooler feel like a real chef by helping him create his very own chef's hat!

Spaghetti Ornaments

These spaghetti ornaments take seconds to make and are a great addition to a tree, gift or window.

Berry Basket Ornament

Save those plastic berry baskets to make these mini Christmas tree ornaments.

Homemade Stethoscope

This Valentine's Day, learn a little more about the organ that keeps everything in your body going--the heart!

Homemade Potpourri

Make homemade potpourri out of roses with your child!

Egg Carton Caterpillar

Your preschooler will strengthen his fine motor skills by cutting, painting, and drawing as he creates a crafty caterpillar out of an egg carton.

Make Your Own Horse

Whether your child wants to be a cowboy or a princess, this homemade horse prop is perfect to use in all sorts of imaginative play!

Craft Your Own Pirate Telescope

Craft a pirate telescope using an old paper towel roll, and get ready for some goofy pirate adventures!

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