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Sorting Activity: What Doesn't Belong?

Can your preschooler solver this sorting activity? In this sorting worksheet, she'll use her logic to find the items and animals that don't belong.

Match Up: Sailboats

Match up some brightly colored sailboats on this fun preschool matching worksheet.

Food Animals Eat!

It's dinner time at the barnyard! Can your little farmer help feed the animals? Match up each animal to the food it likes to eat.

On the Desk: What Doesn't Belong?

Preschoolers are full of observations about the world around them. Get your child to apply what he knows by having him figure out what doesn't belong on a desk.

Say Cheese! Order the People in the Picture

Help your child with his spatial awareness and observation skills with this worksheet, which challenges him to order the people from tallest to smallest.

Sorting Supper

Practice preschool skills with this printable worksheet, which will get your kid sorting household items.

Find What Doesn't Belong: In the City

One of the items in each group doesn't belong with the others. Can your child find which ones?

Preschool Math: Find the One That's Different

Kids learn about sameness and difference in this comparison worksheet that challenges them to find the things that are different in each group.

Find What Doesn't Belong: On the Farm

In this preschool math worksheet, your child will practice sorting and categorizing to figure out what doesn't belong.

Food Matching Game

"Pizza with pancakes and a burger on the side." That's not a good meal, but this is a great matching worksheet for a preschooler.

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