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Plant a Vegetable Garden

Little farmers will enjoy planting a paper garden with this life science activity! She will get to color, cut out and sort the different veggies.

Fish Shapes Match Up

Help your little one learn to recognize shapes and patterns with a fun, fishy match-up activity! She'll help these cute fish find their shadows.

Matched Pairs

Can you find the matched pairs? Many shoes look similar, but not every one is the same! Practice important sorting and matching skills with this worksheet.

Sequencing Your Day

A lot can happen in one day! But in what order does it all happen? Practice story sequencing your daily routine with this cut and paste activity.

Race Car Sequencing

Have your little learner try this sequencing challenge. Read the instructions and carefully color in the race cars with the correct colors.

Things I Like: Past and Present

People change all the time, and so do their likes and dislikes! Help your little one understand the concept of "then and now" with a fun drawing activity.

Which Items are Baby-Safe?

Have a little cut-and-paste fun while seeing how your child's mind works. Cut out pictures of baby items and use them to cover items that a baby shouldn't have.

In the Library

In this fun categorizing game, your preschooler decides what belongs in the library. Cut out the pictures and let him cover up the items that don't belong.

Horse Race Sequencing

Help your preschooler learn basic sorting and categorizing skills that will pay off as he moves up to kindergarten math.

Preschool Math: Day and Night

Help your preschooler wrap her head around nighttime and daytime objects with this cute categorization worksheet.

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