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Catch Those Coins! #7

Put your first grader on the fast track for counting and drawing, plus get him familiar with money starting with coins!

Money Practice

Help Dennis Duck by counting up the coins in each group and marking the correct value.

Learning to Count Coins

How many coins can you count? Help your little cashier learn to add up coin amounts to figure out the price of these items!

Comparing Money Amounts #5

Give your kid practice with money-counting and sequential order with this worksheet. Kids will look at different amounts of money and decide which is larger.

Money Match: Count 'Em Up

First grade money masters show off their skill by counting up the coins in the jars and piggy banks and writing the total values on the lines.

Counting Change: How Much?

Kids count up the coins, then circle the correct amount.

Add Up The Coins

Enjoy helping your little counter add up the values of these coins. He'll be learning an important skill he can use every day.

Practice Test: Money

Review money topics with this nifty practice quiz covering counting coins to solving word problems.

How Many Cents?

Help your second grader test his coin savvy with this worksheet that asks him to connect groups of coins to the values that match.

Coin Challenge: Money Word Problems

Build your second grader's money sense with this worksheet featuring money word problems that focus on making change.

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