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Comparing Cupcakes: Less Than and Greater Than

Kids count the cupcakes in two groups, then use the less-than symbol or greater-than symbol to compare the amounts on this first grade math worksheet.

In the High Hundreds: Rounding Numbers

Looking for a worksheet to help your child with number values? This printable will challenge is math skills by rounding to the nearest ten.

Rounding Whole Numbers: In the Hundreds

Does your child need practice with his math skills? This printable first grade worksheet will give him practice rounding whole numbers to the nearest ten.

Reading Place Value: Tens and Hundreds

Looking for a worksheet to help your child with reading numbers? This first grade printable will flex his number skills.

Place Value: Expanding Numbers

Kids practice place value by expanding numbers and smashing them back together again.

Counting Tens and Ones

Who says learning place value has to be hard? This counting worksheet makes it as easy as 1-2-3!

Comparing Numbers: Greater Than

Can your second grader dig a little deeper into number comparisons? Have her find the missing number that makes each "greater than" equation true.

Comparing Numbers: Less Than

Make the math concept "less than" more clear with a colorful worksheet that gets him practicing with number comparisons to make each equation true.

Place Value Test

Get back on track with this place value test focusing on the tens and ones place.

Number Place Values: Cupcake Match

Each yummy cupcake in this worksheet contains a number. In this place value math worksheet, kids match each number to its written equivalent.

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