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Addition Math Puzzles #2

Your second grader will practice adding up to 50 while building her logic and problem solving skills with these math puzzle boxes.

Kids Crosswords: Transportation

Complete this transportation-themed crossword puzzle that's tailor-made for kids.

Addition Math Puzzles

Put your second grader's math skills to the test with mathematical puzzle boxes. He'll practice doing addition facts in his head, and build logic skills.

Horse Fun: Appaloosa

He can learn all about the Appaloosa horse in this fun page! Read the fun facts, solve the crossword puzzle, and color the picture of the Appaloosa and cowboy.

Picture Crossword: Vegetables

This vegetable crossword puzzle gets your child to spell, with a creative twist. Your child might be able to recognize a cucumber, but can he spell the word?

Horse Fun: Race Horse

Have fun reading facts about race horses, unscramble the words related to race horses, and color in the picture of the horse and jockey!

Adjectives That Start With "F"

Team up with your second grader to complete this mini crossword puzzle using adjectives that start with the letter "F".

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