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St. Patrick's Day Word Search

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Try your luck at this St. Patty's word search, a sure way to build his vocabulary as he gets into the spirit of the holiday.

St. Patrick's Day Word Search #4

This St. Patrick's Day word search contains words like "leprechaun" and "folklore." Have your kid expand his vocabulary with this St. Patrick's Day word search.

St. Patrick's Day Word Scramble

Do you have the luck of the Irish? Help your child try his hand at unscrambling these St. Patrick's Day words.

St. Patrick's Day Traditions

Teach your little leprechaun about the various St. Patrick's Day traditions and other fun parts of this special Irish heritage day.

St. Patrick's Day Number Fun #4

These St. Patrick Day numbers have lost their luck! Get them back into consecutive order to bring the luck back to this leprechaun.

St. Patrick's Day Number Fun #3

Try your luck with these St. Patrick Day numbers! Your little leprechaun must put these jumbled numbers back into consecutive order.

Leprechaun Crossword

Enjoy a leprechaun crossword puzzle, to use and learn fun vocabulary!

St. Patrick's Day Number Fun #6

Help this leprechaun get his luck back by re-ordering these jumbled numbers from greatest to least!

St. Patrick's Day Number Fun #1

This leprechaun needs some help getting to his pot of gold! It's up to your child to put these numbers in order and clear a path to the end of the rainbow.

St. Patrick's Day Number Fun #2

A leprechaun needs some help to find his pot of gold. Your child will help pave the way to his treasure by ordering numbers from greatest to least.

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