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Subtraction Surprise!

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Subtraction Surprise #14

This colorful subtraction printable will give your first grader a breath of fresh air, containing bright colors and space to check his work with tally marks.

Subtraction Surprise #18

Your first grader's take-away practice will take off with this charming subtraction printable!

Subtraction Surprise #3

If your first grader dreads math practice, this worksheet is for him! Its bright colors and single-digit problems serve to make subtraction fun.

Subtraction Surprise #26

Introduce your child to basic subtraction with this 1st grade math worksheet. He'll solve single-digit problems, then rewrite his answers as tally marks.

Subtraction Surprise #5

Give your first grader the subtraction help she needs--without the aggravation of the same boring worksheets--with this colorful printable!

Subtraction Surprise #22

Get your 1st grader excited about subtraction with this colorful beginning subtraction worksheet.

Subtraction Surprise #2

If you want to give your first grader some extra assistance with subtraction, but don't want to completely bore her, this is a great resource for you!

Subtraction Surprise #10

This fun, colorful printable gives your first grader some space to check her subtraction solving with tally marks!

Subtraction Surprise #7

This colorful worksheet provides a perfect opportunity for your first grader to practicing solving single-digit subtraction, painlessly.

Subtraction Surprise #6

Rather than boring your first grader with the same monotonous worksheets, provide him with a breath of fresh air with this subtraction printable!

Subtraction Surprise #9

Looking to spark your first grader's interest in subtraction? This charming printable makes math practice fun!

Subtraction Surprise #1

Is your first grader in need of a subtraction surprise? This colorful worksheet will make him want to practice math!

Subtraction Surprise #15

Give your first grader a fun way to practice subtraction! He'll complete a slew of single-digit subtraction, and then check his work using tally marks.

Subtraction Surprise #16

Your first grader won't mind math practice time, and least when it involves this colorful subtraction worksheet.

Subtraction Surprise #12

Do your first grader's subtraction skills need a boost? Give her a fun way to practice subtraction with this colorful worksheet!

Subtraction Surprise #25

Download this cheerful math worksheet to introduce your first grader to beginning subtraction.

Subtraction Surprise #29

Subtraction may seem difficult to your 1st grader, but with a little help from this worksheet he'll understand the concept in no time.

Subtraction Surprise #21

This colorful math worksheet will invigorate your first grader's at-home subtraction practice with new life!

Subtraction Surprise #19

Want to see your first grader's subtraction skills skyrocket? This worksheet will do the trick.

Subtraction Surprise #4

Help your first grader learn her subtraction facts with this fun math worksheet, filled with bright colors and room for checking her work with tally marks.

Subtraction Surprise #30

Give your child this colorful math worksheet to set him on the road to beginning subtraction mastery.

Subtraction Surprise #11

Help your first grader practice subtraction with a colorful worksheet that's fun to look at and complete!

Subtraction Surprise #20

Give your first grader a subtraction surprise with this colorful math worksheet!

Subtraction Surprise #23

Reinforce math lessons learned in school with this at-home 1st grade enrichment worksheet offering practice in beginning single-digit subtraction.

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