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Telling Time for the Fam Cont.

Cont. telling time sheet
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Time Units

Help your child understand different units of time with this worksheet that asks her to fill in the blanks in each sentence with the correct unit of time.

Telling the Time 2

Help your child practice his time telling with this printable worksheet, which challenges him to read the hands on a clock.

Telling Time: Practice Reading Clocks

One of the hardest parts of telling time is learning how to read an analog clock. This worksheet offers the practice kids need to tackle this difficult concept.

Telling the Time

Give your child practice telling time with this printable worksheet that asks him to write the time in numerals.

Learning to Tell Time

Tick-tock, let's read the clock! Help your first grader to learn how to read an analog clock with Tick Tock the tiger.

Telling Time with Ricky Racer

Kids help Ricky the Racer keep time by counting by 5 and filling in the five-minute intervals around the clock.

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