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Solving Story Problems

How much fruit is being sold at the fruit stand? Help your little shopper learn to solve basic word problems with this visual math sheet.

Draw and Add #2

Need a more engaging way to practice math facts? Try this fun drawing exercise, where kids draw out the math problem before they solve it.

Fish Math

Math isn't just all about numbers! Read these story problems and find the equation hidden in them, and use the picture to help you count up your answers.

At the Grocery Store

Every trip to the grocery store involves math! Help your hungry math whiz get a little food for thought with these story problems.

Garden Addition

Take math practice to the vegetable garden! Work through these rebus-style word problems to practice basic addition from a different approach.

Draw and Add #3

Little artists can apply their drawing skills to math practice with this picture addition activity.

Flower Math

Look at what's blooming in the garden! Use this picture to help your little mathematician solve these word problems.

Pet Store Math

There's a big sale at the pet store! How much money do these kids spend? Help your child work through these beginning word problems.

Johnny Appleseed Story

Is the tale of Johnny Appleseed fact or fiction? Perhaps it's a bit of both! Introduce your child to a famous figure from a classic tall tale.

Addition Facts Worksheet: Beach Fun

Help your first grader prepare for the coming school year with this summer-themed beginning addition worksheet.

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