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Habitats Word Search: Desert Animals

Kids find desert animals in this science word search. Animal habitat worksheets help students learn about life forms in different environments.

Forest Coloring Page

The forest is home to a variety of cute woodland creatures. Teach your child all about them with this forest coloring page.

Frog vs. Toad

Think toads and frogs are the same? Think again! Check out this breakdown of the differences between the two, complete with a quiz to check your new knowledge.

Color the Freshwater Habitat

Teach your kids about the importance of preserving freshwater ecosystems with a lake habitat coloring page filled with frogs, turtles, ducks, and dragonflies.

Pond Life Coloring Page

Preschoolers are sure to love coloring this pond life coloring page that's full of happy frogs, flitting dragonflies, and one cheerful turtle.

Jump Into Writing: Write a "Frog" Sentence

Inspire your kindergartener's imagination by helping her write a very "froggy" sentence!


Learn about the animal practice of hibernation in this quick science worksheet.

What's the Matter? #2

Kids practice classifying items as liquids or solids for a lesson on the states of matter in this 4th grade physical science worksheet.

Color and Learn: Wind

The wind is something we can't see, but we can definitely feel it! Teach your kids about this weather phenomenon with a fun weather coloring sheet

Learn the Four Seasons

Get your kindergartener started on Earth science with a lesson on the seasons. Kids write the name of each season under the correct picture.

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