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Acrostic Fall Poem

Try your hand at an acrostic fall poem, a popular writing activity for kids.

Acrostic Summer Poem

Try your hand at an acrostic summer poem, a popular writing activity for kids.

Springtime Addition

Print out this spring-themed addition worksheet and make the next rainy day an educational one for your first grader!

String a Spring Banner

Color the flowers and spring springtime pictures then string them up for a colorful decoration at Easter and for the season!

Color Bookmarks from Space!

Prepare your kid to take off on a new reading adventure with these space-themed bookmarks that are truly out of this world.

Multiplying by Seven

Kids completing this third grade math worksheet multiply by 7 to solve each equation and also fill in a multiplication chart for the number 7.

Multiplication Color by Number: Tree Frog 2

Give your third grader's multiplication know-how a boost with this math worksheet that packs a fun surprise: it's also a color by number coloring page!

Microscope Coloring Page

Microscopes bring biology to life, allowing us to explore the world's tiniest living things. Have your child create his own organism in the sample slide.

Flower and Insect: Calla Lilly, Spider

Who knew coloring could be so educational? Learn the formal names of a spider and calla lily with this coloring page.

Cloud Chart

Ever lay on your back to watch the clouds? With this cloud chart you and your little scientist can identify the different types of cloud formations.

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