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Word Problems: Road Trip

Do some on-the-road math with our road trip themed word problems. Exercise addition, division, and logical reasoning skills with these road trip word problems.

Comparing Decimals

Decimals got you down in the dumps? Get your student in gear for math with this decimal worksheet.

Multiplying Numbers with Decimals

If your child needs a little help with decimal multiplication, here's the worksheet for her.

Add Up the Shells!

How many shells did Sally sell by the seashore? Get your student in gear for math with this addition worksheet.

Bumble Bee Addition

This worksheet is buzzing with long addition problems, how fast can you add them? Have your fourth grader brush up on his addition with this math sheet.

Egg-cellent Addition!

Improve your fourth grader's math addition skills and have him complete a fun coloring activity using one simple worksheet.

Word Problems: Flower Power

Have your mathlete use addition, subtraction, and reasoning skills in these flower-themed word problems. Kids will use math to help Erin and Eli in the garden.

Word Problems: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Kids will do some gardening-themed math with these word problems. Have some math fun with your little gardener in this word problem worksheet.

Math Riddles: Triple Digits

Brain teasers, math, and spelling practice are rolled into one fun worksheet. Solve addition and subtraction problems to find the riddle's answer.

Math Riddles: Add and Subtract

Practice spelling, math, and critical thinking with this fun addition and subtraction worksheet. Solve math problems to reveal answers to riddles.

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