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Counting Coins: Pennies and Nickels II

Teach your first grader about money with this simple counting worksheet. Your child will count each group of coins, then write their total value on the line.

Counting Quarters

Counting quarters is simple once you learn how. Practice counting quarters with your child using this math worksheet.

Missing Numbers: Egg Escape

Kids find the missing numbers to complete the egg number grid. This first grade math worksheet helps kids practice counting whole numbers to 100.

Mr. Frog and A Big Pond: Identifying Even Numbers

In this 1st grade math worksheet, your child will circle the even numbers to create a path that leads Mr. Frog to the lotus flower.

Comparing Fish: Less Than and Greater Than

Using less-than and greater-than symbols, kids show which bowls have fewer smiling fish and which bowls have more on this first grade math worksheet.

Counting Challenge: 1-50

Can your first grader count from 1 to 50? Test his counting and writing skills with this colorful printable.

Cherry in Spanish

From seed to flower to fruit, take a look at the cherry with this coloring page and brush up on English and Spanish vocabulary!

Cucumber in Spanish

From seed to flower to vegetable, take a look at the cucumber with this coloring page and brush up on English and Spanish vocabulary!

Write and Draw Sight Words: Up

This worksheet challenges kids to trace the word "up" and write it on their own in a sentence, important exercises for new readers and writers.

What's Hiding in the Numbers?: 12

This preschool math and coloring worksheet focuses on the number 12. Kids color all of the spaces with the number 12 to reveal hidden balloons.

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