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Learn the Bone Zone: Torso

This kid-friendly, fill-in-the-blank diagram helps your fifth grader learn the technical terms for the bones in his torso.

Read Up On Pollination

Help your child understand pollination with this informative worksheet, complete with a diagram.

Nursery Rhyme Coloring: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Familiarize your child with some simple sight words and rhymes with this coloring page of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star".

Nursery Rhyme Coloring: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Familiarize your child with some simple sight words and rhymes with this coloring page of "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe".

Color the Big Bad Wolf

A fairytale coloring sheet of the Big Bad Wolf for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Teremok Russian Folk Tale: Part I

In Russian, the word teremok means "little hideaway". Give your child a fun, fresh way to practice her reading with this Russian folk tale.

Teremok Part V: The End!

Find out how the story ends in this final chapter of the Teremok folk tale! Have fun coloring together, and building your child's enthusiasm for reading.

Teremok Part III: The Fox

Enjoy part three of this Russian folk tale, Teremok. The little hideaway hut is getting crowded! Have your child read to you to find out what happens next.

Teremok Part II: The Rabbit

The "teremok", or the little hideaway, is becoming home to many animals! Enjoy part two of this Russian folk tale, and help your child build reading skills.

The Velveteen Rabbit: Part 1

Enjoy a heartwarming, childhood classic, The Velveteen Rabbit! Your little one will love coloring these storybook pages as she reads.

The Velveteen Rabbit: Part 2

Find out what happens to the Velveteen Rabbit in part two of this beautiful storybook coloring series.

Kolobok Part IV: The Bear

Keep rolling along with Kolobok, the main character in this well-known Russian folk tale. Your child will love coloring as she builds reading skills!

Kolobok Russian Folk Tale: Part I

What better way to get your child excited about reading than a series of fun stories? Meet Kolobok, a ball of dough who comes to life in this Russian folk tale!

Kolobok Part II: The Hare

Enjoy part two of this fun Russian folk tale, about Kolobok the little ball of dough, created accidentally by an old woman.

Kolobok Part V: The End!

This is the final chapter of the tale of Kolobok. Famous in Russian folklore, this clever ball of dough finally meets his match, the fox!

Kolobok Part III: The Wolf

Continue your journey with Kolobok, the crafty little ball of dough. In part three, he encounters a wolf! Can he escape?

Chihuahua Dog

Where did this little dog get her funny name? The chihuahua in this coloring page was named for the state of Chihuahua in Mexico.

Teremok Part IV: The Wolf

Enjoy part four of this five-part series of the Russian folk tale, Teremok! Your child will get to color and build her reading skills.

Farm Animals Mandala

Add color to the farm animals and the barn that make up this mandala.

Color the Country Mouse

Coloring sheet of The Country Mouse, from Aesop's fable, Country Mouse, City Mouse.

Color the Dairy Cow

This cute coloring page has plenty of fine motor skill practice for your preschooler. It's a sunny day and this happy spotted cow can use some coloring-in!

Horse and Barn Coloring Page

This is the perfect coloring page to show your preschooler where horses live. Add color to the peaceful picture of the horse outside of the barn.

Owl Coloring Page

This owl coloring page features a picture of the barn owl. Add color to this majestic creature!

Barn Coloring Page

Here's a fun barn coloring page featuring a trio of adorable farm animals! Can your preschooler name all the animals pictured here?

Lamb Coloring Page

Here's a happy lamb coloring page, perfect for a quiet activity after a petting zoo visit or trip to the farm.

Calf Coloring Page

In this coloring page a cow and her calf are grazing in the grass waiting to be colored in.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Duck

Here's a fun twist on the typical color by number sheet--try painting by number instead! Kids mix their own colors to brighten up this cute duck.

Pig Coloring Page

This pig looks pretty happy, considering he's all cooped up like that.

Color a Pig and Piglet

Here's a coloring page for any animal loving kid, especially if they like pigs! Perfect for a quiet activity after a petting zoo trip or farm visit.

Little Bo Peep Coloring Page

Bring life to this Little Bo Peep coloring page based on the famous nursery rhyme by adding color!

Baa Baa Black Sheep

This "Baa Baa Black Sheep" coloring page encourages your child to think of the simple sounds, songs, and sight words in the nursery rhyme.

Words That Start With D

Where would a duck and dog be caught dancing together? worksheet inspired by words that start with D!

Count and Color: Two Goats

These silly billy goats are just begging to be colored! Give your child some practice counting and writing numbers with this fun coloring sheet.

Telling Time with Melissa Mouse 1

For this kindergarten math worksheet, kids practice telling time by reading a digital time and choosing which of three clocks displays the matching analog time.

Telling Time with Melissa Mouse 6

For this kindergarten math worksheet, kids give Melissa Mouse a hand telling time. They look at each analog clock, determine the time, and then write the time.

Telling Time with Melissa Mouse 2

In this kindergarten math worksheet, kids give Melissa Mouse a hand telling time. Kids will look at an analog clock, determine the time, and write the time.

Telling Time with Melissa Mouse 3

For this kindergarten math worksheet, kids help Melissa Mouse tell time. They cut out digital times and glue them under analog clocks with matching times.

Make a Mini Story Book: Up and Down

Boost your kindergartener's reading confidence with this cute seesaw story book that she can color and assemble herself.

Make a Mini Story Book: Little or Big?

This little story book that kids can cut out and make themselves is just the thing to get kindergarteners excited about learning how to read.

Fill the Times Table Grid

Need a helping hand to practice memorizing your times tables? Try this "Fill the Grid" series!

Fill the Grid: Multiples of 3

Got a case of the times tables blues? Cheer up with a great practice sheet!

Idioms: A Figure of Speech

What does "when pigs fly" mean if pigs can't really fly? Kids use context clues to learn the meanings of common idioms on this third grade reading worksheet.

Complete a Flower Fill-In!

How much does your preschooler know about the parts of a flower? This colorful worksheet tests her flower knowledge!

Adding Adjectives

Time to saddle up some adjectives! Descriptive language adds interest to writing. Your little cowpoke can practice adding adjectives to a paragraph.

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