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4th of july

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Make Your Own Flag

Fly a flag of freedom, justice, or just plain fun in this immersive Social Studies activity.

Independence Day Coloring Page

Ooh, look at the pretty fireworks! Celebrate this Independence Day with your child, coloring the fun fireworks above the cityscape.

Fourth of July Addition & Coloring

Simple addition salutes Independence Day and a fun way to practice addition for your child this summer!

Simple Subtraction for 4th of July #2

This 4th of July subtraction sheet makes math easy for visual learners.

Happy 4th of July!

Have a blast this 4th of July with a fun coloring page for you and your child to share!

Fourth of July Coloring & Addition: Rockets!

Simple addition salutes Independence Day and a fun way to practice math for your child this summer!

Fourth of July Parade Coloring Page

This fourth of July coloring page features a patriotic parade! Have your child add color to celebrate our country's independence.

July 4th Sudoku

On this kindergarten math worksheet, kids use their logical reasoning and critical thinking skills to solve a Sudoku puzzle with an Independence Day theme.

The Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty is a symbol of freedom and enlightenment for the world! Give her some color, and learn a fun fact about her with this coloring sheet.

Betsy Ross

Who is Betsy Ross? Teach your child about the creator of the American flag, and have fun coloring with this historical worksheet!

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