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Letter B

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Letter B

Looking for a worksheet to help your child with upper and lowercase letters? This printable will help him with the letter B.

Alphabet Shapes: "B"

Help your little learner practice forming the letter shapes of the alphabet! She'll get to put these parts of the letter "B" together, just like a puzzle.

Alphabet Flashcards: B

Bee begins with the letter B! Color in the flashcards featuring the letter B then cut them out and use them to play spelling and memory games.

Alphabet Practice: B

Practice writing the letter B in the lines provided then draw and label two objects beginning with B.

Letter B Sound

The first step in learning to read and write is learning the different letter sounds. This worksheet focuses on the letter B sound.

Find the Hidden Letter: B

Can your child find the hidden letter? Your child will practice recognizing and sounding out the letter B in this kindergarten alphabet worksheet.

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