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Florida State Bird

The mockingbird is internationally known, but it's also the most treasured bird in the state of Florida. Color in Florida's state bird in this coloring page.

Florida Panther Coloring Page

Did you know North America has native panthers? Learn a bit about this giant wildcat with this coloring page!

Longitude and Latitude: Florida

Explore Florida with this map worksheet. Young explorers will find the coordinates of cities in Florida using a grid system.

Florida State Flag

Get to know the state of Florida by coloring its state flag. Your geography student will read a fun fact about the state seal as he colors.

Florida Fun Facts

The next road trip needs brain teasers like these, with great U.S. state sights, facts and a word search on every fun facts worksheet. Check out Florida!

Florida Geography

How much does your child know about Florida's geography? Give him a great tool for practicing research and geography with this fun State Activity Sheet.

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