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Make Water Flow Up With Capillary Action

This simple preschool experiment will show your child that water can move up as well as down. Introduce the scientific concepts of gravity and capillarity.

Brush Up: A Toothpaste Experiment

This science experiment uses a hard-boiled egg as a pretend tooth and shows reluctant brushers the importance of tooth care!

Learn Gravity with Parachute People

Sneak in a science lesson by creating your own parachute people using a handkerchief and a lightweight figurine.

Pump It Up!

Teach your child about using pumps to move water in this simple and educational preschool science activity!

Play the Rainbow to Explore Acoustics

In this activity, your child fills jars with water to learn about acoustics, and practices mixing colors to form a rainbow of colors and sounds.

Have Fun with Yellow Science

Increase your preschooler's observation skills with this fun and colorful science experiment!

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