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Coin Match

Let's go shopping! In this math worksheet, your kid will add up the value of groups of coins, then draw lines from coins to the items that cost the same amount.

Reading Place Value: Ones and Tens

Help your child improve his math skills determining place value with this printable, which is all about the ones and the tens place. challenge is math skills.

Find the Missing Numbers: Reverse Addition & Subtraction #1

Kids practice reverse two-digit addition and subtraction to find the missing numbers in this 2nd grade math worksheet.

Crack the Code with Addition and Subtraction

Decode the secret message Ninja Aki has sent you! He writes his messages in addition and subtraction problems. Solve and unravel his secret ninja message!

Beautiful Butterfly KenKenĀ® Puzzle

Your students will need to fill in this KenKenĀ® grid using their addition and subtraction facts and some logical thinking skills.

Fishing For Math Facts: Ten

Math got your child down in the dumps? Just go fishing! Play the "Fish for Answers" game to learn simple addition and subtraction.

Ski Race Math Facts #8

If your kid loves to ski, here's a math sheet of Olympic proportions! He'll need to solve a few math facts to help these skiers get down the slopes.

Ski Race Math Facts #6

It's the Winter Olympics, and two skiers are racing down the mountain. Get your kid to find out who wins with our combination math and color-by-number activity.

Ski Race Math Facts #2

Your little Olympian can join two downhill skiers in this combination math and color-by-number worksheet. Your kid will solve addition and subtraction problems.

Ski Race Math Facts #9

These skiers are flying down the slopes! Who will win? Your first grader will join the high-flying fun while practicing addition and subtraction facts.

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