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What Lives in the Sea

Your student will research and identify the animal and plant life that live near the sea, using both her own knowledge and the help of the Internet.

Spanish Sea Creatures

Give the Spanish words for a variety of creatures of the sea.

Ocean Drawing

What lives at the bottom of the ocean? Whatever you want! Finish this picture by drawing whatever you imagine to be living near the ocean floor.

A Fishy Way to Practice Fine Motor

This worksheet is a crafty game that will require fine motor skills as your child cuts the fish out, and folds along the lines to get them into shape.

Tropical Fish KenKenĀ® Puzzle

This KenKenĀ® math puzzle is a ton of fun, and it requires a knowledge of simple addition facts and critical thinking skills.

Fishing For Math Facts: Seven

Go fishing for math facts with a fun game! Your first grader will practice solving simple addition and subtraction problems.

Fishing For Math Facts: Ten

Math got your child down in the dumps? Just go fishing! Play the "Fish for Answers" game to learn simple addition and subtraction.

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