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Counting Change: Coin Match III

Exact change only, please! In this first grade worksheet, your child will match each group of coins to an item with a price tag of equal value.

Coin Counting: Sum it Up!

In this fun introduction to coins, your child practices counting and adding coins to find the total monetary value of each pile.

Counting Pennies

Kids learn the appearance and value of pennies, count pennies, and write the number of cents for the pennies on this first grade math worksheet.

Color Me! Addition with Carrying 3

Doubling as a coloring page, this is not your average math worksheet. Children solve the addition problems using carrying, then break out the crayons.

Add and Compare #9

An adorable whale is here to help your child practice addition and learn about inequalities in this cheerful 2nd grade math worksheet.

Money in the Bank: Two-Digit Addition #10

Your second grader will get a mental math boost as he practices two-digit addition to figure out how much money is in each piggy bank.

Writing Money Amounts #14

Practice writing money amounts with this worksheet! Your student will work on translating written numbers from words into numerical digits.

Writing Money Amounts #11

Teach your child how to write money amounts with this worksheet, where he’ll practice translating written numbers from words into numerical digits.

Adding Dollars and Coins

How much does that jacket cost? Your child will add up coins and dollars on this worksheet to find out how much each item costs!

Writing Money Amounts #10

This money worksheet let's your child practice reading dollar values in words and then writing money terms out in numbers.

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