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Subtraction Practice: Spring Into It!

This subtraction practice worksheet combines number writing with pictures and counting to make beginning subtraction easier for your child!

Color the Springtime Tree

Featuring a flowering tree, butterfly, and landscape of lilies, this coloring page evokes the excitement of spring.

Color the Spring Flowers

The lucky bee on this coloring page has stumbled upon a lovely treat, a bunch of beautiful spring flowers blooming in the sun

Duckling Coloring Page

Looks like this baby duckling just woke up from a nice nap! Color in these fuzzy friends as spring comes roaring in.

Seasonal Paper Dolls: Spring Boy

April showers bring May flowers! Get ready for a beautiful spring time, and create a season-appropriate wardrobe for your own paper doll boy.

Season Sleuths #2

Dress to impress! Decide which outfit goes with which season: spring, summer, fall or winter.

Springtime Addition

Print out this spring-themed addition worksheet and make the next rainy day an educational one for your first grader!

Consonant Blends

This fun spring worksheet is a great way to practice sounding out consonant blends and celebrate Spring at the same time!

Spring Maze

It's a Spring mazeâBertie the Butterfly needs help finding a flower so he can collect nectar! Help Bertie get through the maze to the flower.

Spring To Do List

Springtime is here! Freshen up your spring schedule with this handy to-do list, great for helping your child stay on track with his schoolwork.

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