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Line Logic: Parallel and Perpendicular #3

If your fourth grader is stumped on the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines, this is the worksheet for him.

Math Riddles: Adding and Subtracting

Use your addition and subtraction skills to find out the answer to a mystery riddle! This interdisciplinary worksheet helps kids build math and spelling skills.

Olympic Arithmetic: Skiing Time Averages

Your child gets to play Olympic judge in this 4th grade math worksheet. She'll calculate each country's average ski time, then find the winners!

Candy Fractions

On this fun worksheet, kids calculate the ratio of candy to the amount left in the bag, then do some simplifying, too.

Find the Greatest Common Factor #3

Finding the greatest common factor doesn't need to be scary with this clear and simple math sheet.

Build a Robot: Multiplication #4

Can you third grader use his multiplication skills to put the mixed-up robot back together? He'll boost his mental math skills, too!

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