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Cereal Patterns

Using a Fruit Loop-type cereal and yarn, help your preschooler create crunchy, edible patterns.

Rice Cake Creatures

Want to turn snack time into fun-time? Help him turn ordinary rice cakes into creatures that are silly, creepy, or just plain cute!

Watermelon Paper Plates

This fun watermelon art project will help your preschooler develop his fine motor skills, number sense and shape recognition.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasting pumpkin seeds makes for a great Halloween activity, and a healthy snack!

Healthy Food Hunt

Teach your preschooler about healthy foods and how to make a meal that is good for her with this fun activity that you both can do together.

Create a Rainbow of Healthy Food

Help your preschooler chart her good eating habits with this arts and crafts activity that has her making a healthy fruits and vegetables rainbow and graph!

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