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area of triangle
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Coordinate Grid Graphing

Help your middle schooler learn some graphing basics with an introduction to the coordinate plane and ordered pairs.

Graphing Ordered Pairs

Practice graphing ordered pairs by placing their points on a graph using both the negative and positive side of the graph.

Right Triangle: Practice Finding Area

Give your fourth grader a gentle introduction to geometry with this charming triangle area worksheet.

Obtuse Triangle: Practice Finding Area

Help your child get a grasp on geometry with this area-finding worksheet focused on obtuse triangles.

What is the Pythagorean Theorem?

Give your math student an introduction to the Pythagorean theorem with this comprehensive practice page.

Find the Area of a Rectangle: Intermediate

In this intermediate-level geometry worksheet, your child will calculate the area of each rectangle using the values given.

Find the Area of a Triangle

Show your fourth grader how to play geometry detective with this worksheet; she'll find the area of triangles by determining the areas of shapes within them.

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