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Chocolate Fever

My Favorite activities and recipes for the chocoholic in your life.
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"No-Bake" Cookies!

Budding bakers can explore the excitement of the kitchen without fear of cuts or hot ovens by making these super simple and tasty cookies.

Make Chocolate Clay

Make a batch of chocolate clay to teach kids the art of molding and sculpting. Working with their hands has never been this much fun.

Race to Color the Chocolate!

This fun and simple game engages your child's motor skills with a friendly race to color in the picture first! The worksheet doubles as a coloring page too.

Nanaimo Bars

Let your fifth grader get in touch with this inner chef by making these delicious no-bake nanaimo bars--named after a city in Canada.

Chocolate-Covered Matzo

This chocolate covered matzo candy is easy enough for kids to make, with a little parental supervision. A real Passover treat!

Chocolate-Covered Apples

If you love the idea of handing out holiday tins of homemade cookies but you're not a baker, chocolate-covered apples are the perfect solution.

Chocolate Bark Recipes

Here are four chocolate bark ideas to prepare with your kids that everyone will love.

Throw a Chocolate-Strawberry Party for Valentine's Day

Here's a Valentine's Day lunch menu that has something for everyone in your family.

Frozen Chocolate-Covered Bananas

Replace the butterfat and sugar of ice cream with the sublime sweetness of a frozen chocolate-covered banana.

“I like to add sprinkles or chopped nuts for a more colorful treat.”
Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels to Give as Gifts!

Do you want your child to remember time spent with loved ones and the satisfaction of giving a gift with real meaning? Try making these tasty treats!

Bake Chocolate Volcano Cupcakes!

Your third grader will be amazed at the explosive combination of vinegar and baking soda in these chocolate volcano cupcakes with white chocolate "lava."

“I haven't tried this one yet, but it looks amazing!”

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