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Make a Hanging Jellyfish

Make a paper plate jellyfish and help your kindergartener practice her small motor skills and learn about the creatures of the sea in a creative and fun way!

Blind Trust

This engaging outdoor game is a blind obstacle course to help your Kindergarten aged child learn to follow directions.

Fish Me a Word

This silly game is a fun way to introduce and reinforce sight words--by fishing for them!

How to Make a Stepping Stone

Celebrate Dad with this decorative stepping stone for your garden!

Play the Build a Monster Game!

Play this game that lets you create your own silly monster drawing and helps your child practice her counting skills!

Sock Bunny!

Try a little eco-friendly crafting this Easter: turn lonely, misfit socks into bunny sculptures in this recycled arts and crafts activity.

ABC Treasure Hunt

This alphabet hunt is pure pirate-loving fun. And it gives kids practice in learning to recognize letters and sounds-- a key skill for reading readiness.

Make a Glowing Orb Lantern

Create a beautiful tissue paper lantern with your child to help brighten up a special occasion.

Make a Soda Bottle Greenhouse

In this hands-on activity, kids learn what it takes to foster seedlings into full-grown plants, all in a regular old soda bottle!

Character Cubes

Get your kindergartener storytelling in this arts and crafts activity by making Character Cubes that'll help improve your child's reading and writing skills.

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