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Simplify Fractions

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Introduction to Probability

This bag of sports balls needs sorting! Introduce your child to probability concepts with this worksheet.

Simple Fractions with Scooter

Simple fraction math worksheet helps your child practice reducing fractions to their simplest form, and cartoon characters keep learning fun.

Simplifying Fractions

A no-frills practice exercise on simplifying fractions, intended for 4th grade math students.

Skill Practice 3: Simplifying Fractions

A no-frills worksheet on simplifying fractions, to help 4th graders prepare for upcoming tests or refresh their memory on fractions

Steer & Simplify #2

A practice worksheet on simplifying fractions, aimed at 4th grade math students.

Steer & Simplify #1

A pirate-themed worksheet on fractions, perfect for 4th grade math lessons

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