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Parent Guides to First Grade

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10 Ways to Help Your Perfectionist Child

Having a child who is a perfectionist can be stressful for the whole family. Here's how to help your perfectionist child.

10 Reasons Kids Get Anxious About School

Got a kid anxious about the first day of school? Here are ten expert tips for parents to keep in mind this back to school season.

Emotional Self-Regulation in First Grade

Tips for parents to teach children about emotional control.

Self-Soothing Bad Habits

Learn how to snap habits such as thumb sucking and nail biting.

Teaching Your Children Ethics Ethically

Learn all about ethical tips and traps for parents.

The Effect of Expectations on Self-Esteem

I Love You. Read our tips on how parents can boost their child’s self-esteem.

Writing Milestones: First Graders

A summary of writing milestones for 1st graders. From invented spelling, to typical story writing abilities, here's what parents need to know about first grade

First-Grade Nonfiction Books, Reading Level: Beginning of Grade 1

Find a list of nonfiction books that are appropriate for the student who is reading at a beginning of first grade level.

Cracking the First Grade Reading Code

An inspirational piece for parents. Discover what kinds of skills your first grader will acquire during the school year and how you can support your child.

First Grader: Listening Milestones

Your first grader learns more new information from listening than from reading books. First graders are expert listeners, but just beginning readers. Here's

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