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How Do Clouds Form?

Take an in-depth look at the evaporation portion of the water cycle with this worksheet on how clouds form! Use the word bank to fill in the diagram.

What is a Black Hole?

Explore one of the great mysteries of the universe with this space science worksheet on black holes.

Earth Rocks! Quick Quiz

Take a plunge under the surface of the earth! With this worksheet as your guide, you may explore the geological processes of our planet.

Shoreline Ecosystem

Who knew that the beach had its own diverse ecosystem? Learn all about the shoreline ecosystem with this fun worksheet!

Temperate Forest

Did you know when a plant is "coniferous" it means it has needles for leaves? The temperate forest ecosystem is full of these! Learn more with this fun sheet.

Mountains Ecosystem

Learn all you need to know about our purple mountain's majesty with this fun ecosystems sheet!

Cloud Chart

Ever lay on your back to watch the clouds? With this cloud chart you and your little scientist can identify the different types of cloud formations.

Find the Hidden Landform Vocabulary

Let your child explore the vocabulary associated with Earth's landforms with this colorful word search.

Desert Ecosystem

Give your student a fun reading page and word search, filled with fun facts all about the Earth's desert ecosystem.

Tornado Fill-In-the-Blank

A fill-in-the-blank exercise on tornadoes, made for fifth grade science students.

Find the Rocks and Minerals Vocabulary

This word search introduces your child to important rocks and minerals vocabulary, as it strengthens his attention to detail.

Make Your Own Sundial

Explore the science of the sun with this make-your-own sundial activity! Just do a little bit of cutting and coloring, and let the sun do the rest of the work.

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