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7th grade science project idea

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Walking in Circles

This project will explore whether test subjects, deprived of points of reference, will, in attempting to walk a straight course, walk in circles.

How Does Temperature Affect the Stretch of Rubber Bands?

This project explores what happens to a rubber band when it is heated and cooled.

Making Glass Invisible

Glass is see-through, but usually you can still see that it is there. In this experiment, we use baby oil to make glass go completely invisible.

How Heavy is a Bubble?

Science fair project that examines the relationship between the size of a bubble and how quickly it falls. What is the correlation?

Do Plants Need Water?

Science fair project which determines if plants really do need water to grow, or whether they just need to be kept wet.

Extracting DNA from Strawberries

This middle school science fair project determines whether DNA is most easily extracted from under-ripe, ripe, or over-ripe strawberries.

Controlling Static Electricity

This project explores ways to prevent static electrical shocks.

How Much Gas Does Your Favorite Beverage Produce?

How much gas is released into your stomach by your favorite beverages? This project examines which beverages produce the most gas.

Milk Experiment

Did you ever drink spoiled milk? Find out whether whole milk spoils at the same rate as 2% and skim milk.

WiFi Signal Strength

.Have you ever had problems with your wifi signal strength? In this experiment you will learn about how wireless signals pass through the air and solid objects.

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